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Hello dear horse lovers,

My name is Fiona and I am

 offering riding lessons in English at Hof Bettenrode!


About me:

 For the past six months I have lived in London and did social volunteering there. In addition to my charity work, I was also visiting horse shows and stables in England.


I grew up with horses and have been riding competitively since 2017. I give riding lessons for a couple of years now and love to share my experience with horses.

Here at Hof Bettenrode, I also would like to pass my knowledge and experience in English. I really enjoy working with people and horses and love to see the development of each individual.


I brought this project into being because my experience showed that expanding your English skills while riding is much more fun!

Course of the lesson:

One lesson takes 60 minutes in total. Duing the whole time we will only be talking in english. You will earn knowledge "all about horses" while preparing and grooming the horse within the first 30 minutes. Under the topic "all about horses" my students learn theories of the correct handling and the correct horse husbandry. You can also expand your knowledge in the fields of physique, nutrition and equipment care. The other 30 minutes of your lesson will be used for horse riding. We follow the LPO guidelines and attach particular importance to a friendly and harmonious interaction with riders and horses. Each student will be treated individually and according to his or her abilities, age and level of education. Besides riding we will teach horsemanship related excercises with the horse. Like this you will be able to use your body language correctly and also interpret the horses body language to form the foundation for a harmonious relationship.

To prepare yourself for your first riding lesson in english I created a vocabulary list with common horse related sentences. Train yourself now!

Price list:

  • Group lesson: 40 euros for internal using a riding school horse 

  • Group lesson: 30 euros for internal using their own horse

  • Group lesson: 40 euros for external using a riding school horse

  • Group lesson: 30 euros for external using their own horse (+15 euros for use of the facility)

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